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Top 10 Manufacturers of TMT Bar Company in India

by Lynn

TMT bars have become the backbone of buildings in the construction sector due to their great strength and ductility. With the expansion of the Indian construction industry, demand for TMT bars has increased tremendously, resulting in severe rivalry among producers.  TMT bars, or thermo-mechanically treated bars, are a type of reinforcing steel bar used in construction due to its increased strength and lifespan. These bars are often used in the construction of buildings, bridges, flyovers, dams, and other infrastructure projects. TMT bars are in great demand in India because to the country’s rapid urbanization and infrastructural expansion. Inadequate quality TMT bars can endanger the safety and durability of constructions and have disastrous repercussions.

Hence it is very essential to know the best one among the manufacturers. Here are listed 10 top TMT bar manufacturer in India.

 1. Elegant TMT Stainless Steel

Elegant Steel is manufactured by SPS Steels Rolling Mills Limited (SPS), a Durgapur-based integrated steel plant, and Shakambhari Ispat and Power Limited (SIPL), a Purulia-based integrated steel plant. ELEGANT STEEL TMT bars are high yield strength reinforcing steel of premium grade. Elegant QST bars consistently display great strength and high ductility/flexibility, which is necessary to create outstanding and safe buildings. For its properties of being properly mixed with high tensile strength, ELEGANT STEEL QST or TMT bars ranks top among the most trusted steel bars used in construction.

2.  TATA Tiscon Limited

Tata Tiscon is a high-quality steel product with excellent strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, durability, and brand reputation. These qualities make it a better choice than its competitors for building projects requiring the highest quality and durability criteria. TATA Tiscon is distinguished by its exceptional attention to detail, modern technology, and wide distribution network, which has helped it establish a strong brand recognition throughout India. Tata Tiscon has a large distribution network in India and has received multiple awards for its high-quality goods and services.

3.  Steel Authority of India

Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), one of India’s top steel corporations, offers a wide range of steel products for the construction industry. The company produces high-quality structural steel, roofing materials, and TMT bars. SAIL produces many grades of SAIL TMT Bar, including FE 550D, Fe500D, EQR, and SEQR. SAIL EQR (Earthquake Resistant) bars are specially engineered to protect structural integrity in seismically active locations. While their strength exceeds IS norms, they have a greater UTS/YS ratio, making them good at energy absorption.

4. Jindal Steel and Power Limited

Jindal Steel and Power Limited has been a pioneer in India’s steel and power industries since 1979. TMT bars are manufactured by Jindal Steel and Power Limited under the Jindal Panther brand. The firm produces high-quality TMT bars with high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and earthquake resistance. Jindal Panther TMT bars may be utilised for a range of building projects since they come in a variety of sizes and grades.

 5. Shyam Steel TMT Rebars

Shyam Steel is India’s leading TMT bar manufacturer, producing TMT bars under the Shyam Steel TMT name.  The company has been certified to ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001. Shyam Steel provides the most comprehensive selection of construction steel. The firm is devoted to long-term development and has undertaken several steps to lessen its carbon impact. The firm has over 70 years of existence and has developed from humble beginnings in West Bengal to become India’s biggest TMT bar maker.

6.  SRMB TMT bar

SRMB Steel TMT Bars – Thermo-Mechanical Treated Bars is another brand you must include in your list. Because of the regulated chemistry of the raw material inputs, SRMB TMT Bars have exceptionally strong corrosion resistance, resulting in a longer life concrete construction. Because of the high strength of the surface layer, SRMB TMT Bar has a high Fatigue Resistance under dynamic loading.

7.  JSW

JSW Steel Limited is a Mumbai-based worldwide steel manufacturer and the JSW Group’s flagship company. With the merging of ISPAT Steel and Jindal Vijayanagar Steel Limited, JSW Steel became India’s second-largest private sector steel company. JSW Steel is another major manufacturer of TMT bars in India.TMT bars feature remarkable strength, durability, and bendability due to their unique quenching and tempering process, making them perfect for usage in a wide range of construction applications.

8.  Vizag Steel

Vizag Steel is one of India’s major TMT bar producers, with a reputation for creating some of the best TMT bars on the market. The corporation has been around for over four decades. Because of the absence of Eutectoid Carbides and pearlite colonies, they have excellent corrosion resistance. TMT bars from Vizag Steel can tolerate extreme temperatures while maintaining structural integrity.


Essar Steel is a multibillion-dollar steel company with operations in Indonesia, the Middle East, Canada, and India. Essar Steel manufactures TMT bars by rapidly cooling heated steel rods, followed by a controlled chilling process that provides the bars a high level of strength and durability. Because they are designed to withstand extreme weather and seismic activity, the company’s TMT bars are a popular choice for building projects throughout India.

10.  Kamdhenu Private Limited

Kamdhenu Limited has a large distribution network in India and has received several accolades for the quality of its goods and services. The firm is devoted to long-term development and has undertaken several steps to lessen its carbon impact.  Their high-quality reinforcing steel bars, painstakingly made under the brand name “Kamdhenu Ltd,” are legendary, giving the strength and durability that every home building project requires.


Overall, you must know that selecting the correct TMT bar manufacturer may make or break your construction project. When deciding on the ideal steel brand for your home construction project, consider factors like as quality, strength, availability, and pricing. Elegant steel, SRMB and Shyam steel are the best ones for home building projects, while the TATA, SAIL, Vizag steel are best for commercial projects.

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